Tara Carroll

Hairy Tuft
Giclee Print with Screen Print Text - Limited Edition 1/1
508 mm x 609 mm
An Táin Gallery, Dundalk

Estimated Price:
€100 - €150

Tara Carroll is a visual artist based in Ireland. Her practice is predominantly performance, which transforms into other mediums such as textiles, installation, video and photography not as a site of documentation but as art works in their own right. Her practice focuses on the female condition through explorations of the fetish, which becomes a metaphorically enigmatic intersection between mythology, religion and sexuality. She uses performance to achieve a greater understanding of the female body and its power amidst Irish societal prudery and censorship. Tara has performed and exhibited her work extensively in galleries such as The Library Project, The Complex, Mart, 126 Galway, BCA Gallery Clare and 504 Arch London. She won the Emerging Irish Artist Award from the Burren College of Art in 2019 and she recently was awarded an Arts Bursary from Kildare County Council for the development of a new body of work.