Hoax Projects

Hoax 002
is multifunctional, fold out and deconstructable, functioning as a publication as well as a postcard and bookmark.

There are 10 copies of HOAX 002 available.

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Hoax is a non-profit artist-led publishing collective focused on sharing Irish environmental perspectives.

Currently existing in the form of printed publications and interactive websites, Hoax combines submitted multimedia content with philosophical analyses and contemporary design, acting as an all inclusive platform for the environmentally engaged in Ireland.

Issue 002 focuses on relating the local to the global, and the environmental impact of fighting for these spaces. Produced for guerilla publishing, this issue is a multi-functional, fold-out publication.

If a physical copy is not accessible for you, PDFs of both issues are available on our website.

As a non-profit collective, all money made from sales goes back into the project.